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Lorraine Allen
Assistant Services

I am a partner with my husband Malcolm of VAUK, Virtual Assistants UK. My background is in Administration which I have done all my life for various employers within the Public and Private Sectors. Each position I moved to I did so to expand my knowledge and experience.


When the Covid19 Pandemic began, I had to work from home and realised that I enjoyed it much more than commuting to the office every day, I hated scraping my car in the winter anyway, inevitable where we live, and found that I was using more of my own problem-solving initiative which, for me, was very rewarding. I took the decision to make that my priority going forward and so VAUK was formed.


Working for myself allows me to do the things I enjoy most while offering those services to Entrepreneurs and small businesses who might find them too time consuming or a chore. Working from my home office also allows me to choose when I do things, I can take my dog for a walk during lunch break and get some exercise myself or I can attend a networking group to meet new people at any time of the day basically, I can fit things around work so that I don’t miss out on anything. I can also watch my plants and flowers in the garden appear and disappear with the seasons, which is lovely.

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Malcolm Allen
Website and SEO

My wife, Lorraine, and I decided to form VAUK to allow us to do the things we are good at and gain great satisfaction from while helping other people, who can’t or have limited time to do them. I previously worked in IT in the UK and abroad in both technical and design. I have designed, developed and maintained websites, improved their search engine optimisation, created database programmes and promoted businesses via social media.


I too, prefer to work from my home office as it gives me the extra time to concentrate on projects so I get more done and means I am on hand whenever needed.


I am quite creative and enjoy brewing my own beer and wine, only for special occasions of course, tending to my allotment and fixing things, there’s always something that needs fixed and it stops Lorraine from buying new ones!